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Worldwide Language Interpretation Services

DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® provides and dominates Interpretation service industry with ease, our wide range of HUMAN INTERPRETATION AND TRANSCRIPTION solutions of documents, audios, videos, products and tools. From the Interpretation of simple documents to Interpretation of complicated products, information and tools ; to localization of software, apps and websites; we have also an expertise in localizing of technical multimedia presentations to world-wide and specific target audiences, from real-time interpreting for interactive workshop workshops and seminars to doing dubbing and Voice-over in more than 160 languages and dialects. Professional Translation and Interpretation Services

As a  Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions company that delivers top-notch language Interpretation services, enabling clients to deliver multilingual content to a global audience.



Why Language Interpretation Is Necessary

DEneeraj Multi- lingual services®; the global leader in Innovative Language Interpretation Services & Solutions in over 160 different languages and every linguistic assistance is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Language Is Barrier! Somewhere Else

 Face-To-Face, Telephone, & Video Interpretation Services

  •  Simultaneous Interpretation
  •  Consecutive Interpretation
  •  Telephone Interpreting
  •  Video Remote Interpreting
  •  Face To Face Interpreting
  •  Whispered Interpretation
  •  Consecutive To Simultaneous Interpretation

Professional Interpretation for almost every language and industry

Interpretation Services for Content Types:

  • Interpretation of Documentation
  • Interpretation of Product and User Training
  • Interpretation of e-Learning
  • Interpretation of Product Specifications and Marketing Guides
  • Interpretation of Marketing and Sales Literature
  • Interpretation of Software Applications
  • Interpretation of ERP Content and Software
  • Interpretation of Multimedia
  • Interpretation of Design Guides and Specifications
  • Interpretation of Legal Documentation
  • Interpretation of Compliance and Regulatory Content
  • Interpretation of Health and Safety Content

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Our Interpretation team provides exceptional quality and service by taking a customized, consultative approach to each project. We Provide multi t language services for global players s to get your products and services to market quicker and share vital product and services information with an international chain.

  • Document Interpretation and Back Interpretation.
  • Localization of Products & Tool.
  • Interpretation & S. I. Of Foreign as well as Indian Languages
  • Typesetting, Proofreading & Graphics
  • Transcription, Transcreation & Transliteration
  • Multicultural Marketing & Research
  • Career Support For Language Professionals
  • Multilingual Subtitling, (VO) Voice Over, Recording, E-book & Publishing
  • Website Interpretation With Website Design & Web Content Writing
  • Writing Speech, Scripts, Technical, Copy & Content
  • Linguistic Validation & Training

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