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Portuguese Language, Food & Cultural Courses

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Portuguese Language, Food & Cultural Courses

It’s now possible to converse and comprehend a foreign language readily with our Super Intensive Portuguese programs. DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) Language, Food & Cultural Courses are a mix of communicative methodology and dialogues for real-life situations. Especially when you will work for shorter assignments or for short leisure traveling in Italy or any other Portuguese -speaking country.

Whether you are looking for functional knowledge of conversational skills or just to explore a new world with new language. We will make your learning experience an exciting, fun and productive one! The European Portuguese language courses are designed in the same fashion as the Brazilian Portuguese. Though the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese is not much, however, there are a few fundamental differences that you have to take into account.

Facts about the Portuguese Language

Portuguese is spoken by about 170 million people, mainly in Portugal and the Portuguese Atlantic islands, Brazil, and Portugal’s former overseas provinces in Africa and Asia.

Language + Yoga

Learn Portuguese & Yoga in Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, and Rishikesh (Yoga capital of the world). Interested in learning French, Russian, Portuguese, English or German?

Language + Cooking

Portuguese and English both are the main language of instruction so that you will be engrossed in the language for more quickly. Portuguese Courses, Programs & workshops don’t get deeply into grammar, but you will learn the necessary tools to be able to communicate in Portuguese through role-playing and communicative games, which are a lot of fun!

Our Unique Language + Cooking Program

We provide a range of language learning solutions and resources which enable you to find the best way to learn Portuguese.

1-week Portuguese language course

DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) will coach you with the basic grammar, techniques, confidence, and interest to learn and master the core competency in the Portuguese language.

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DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) time-tested dialogic technique.

Because actual learning language productively comes through having to communicate in its totality and the very definition of Communication is about sharing or exchanging thoughts, stories, and information.

Portuguese Courses, Programs & Sessions Objectives

    • Understanding how Portuguese helps
    • Listening and responding skills in Portuguese
    • Increasing confidence
    • Customized to make you bilingual
    • Open to students 15-75 years old
    • Online support and helpful links for a year

  • Because in our language training architecture intentionally we coach only one –on –one so that we can customise the material and methodology to fit the aspirations of the individual and ensure he or she can get an exceptional array of tools and techniques to build up their linguistic skills.

    By DEneeraj Multilingual services®

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