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Leadership programs

Leadership programs

The True Leadership Is Doing The Right Things.

Our overall personality development courses and training mainly focus on raising and improving English, voice, and accent on an international level, based on the idea that in a unified world can be more progressive if learn not only to compete but complement each other with our skills and abilities.

Various Leadership Courses and Training over the Phone or on Skype

At DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) One on One, we focus on your overall learning experience of English with better Accents and Dialects. Helping you to realize your career aspirations, but we also hope to make your learning more sustainable. Our team of voice and accent coaches will equip you with the slandered English accent, impetus, and knowledge to achieve the same. Most importantly, we will ensure that you study right Accent, GD, Interview skills and various other components of personality and make learning more enjoyable.

Leadership Development Program over the Phone or on Skype

We are Passionate about Leadership Development. We don’t just teach through innovative methods; we ensure you experience an eternal shift in your Leadership Development skills. Our methods are enjoyable, imaginative and build on your existing and unknown but innate strengths and potential. Improve Your accent and learn global etiquettes and other soft  Skills with DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) methods. And we must add here that you should have to have the Very Best Vocal Training.

Find Your Dream Soft Skills

There are many reasons why you wish to work on your Soft Skills – to improve its quality, range, deepness, vocal excellence, or address a lack of presence or insufficient projection. At DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS), we’re big fan of creative ways to address Soft Skills that’s Engaging, Influential, & Enjoyable. But, the most important thing to make your Soft Skills awesome, and brighten your presence effective.

Global etiquette course and workshop

We offer etiquettes corporate workshops for professionals, everyday etiquette classes for social interaction, and comprehensive programs for children and teens. DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) etiquette training will provide you, your family member, or your employees the social skills needed for both personal and professional success in life. Our classes are engaging, hands-on, interactive and educational and are focused on 21st-century living.Contact us now for an FREE Consultation and Friendly Feedback!

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Call us on 9820 17 17 66  or a free telephone consultation to discuss Telephone Training for you, your colleagues, or email info@deneeraj.com to discover more about how DMS can help you to achieve your Leadership objectives.

By DEneeraj Multilingual services®

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