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Speech Writing Services

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Speech Writing Services

Speech Writing Services

our Speech Writing Services mainly focuses on effective Communication with creative writing skills that open up to influence, inspire, and make a difference. The Speech and skill of oratory highly sought after; the speaker will have an unparalleled power of spoken words( crafted by us )  when it comes to delivering a captivating speech.

Welcome to Smart Speech Writing Services!

DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) Speechwriting:

Speech writing is our main forte, we are extremely proud of our communication skills written & spoken.  Our professional speech writing enables us to connect audience hearts & minds without much effort and to communicate effectively. We enjoy keeping clients in the loop as we may require their equal participation, constructive suggestions, and feedback on the different aspects of speech writing.

  • Articles and speeches
  •  Blog Posts
  •  Press Releases
  •  Emails & Newsletters
  •  Social Media Content
  •  Creative Writing
  •  E-Books
  •  White Papers
  •  Taglines & Slogans
  •  Copywriting
  •  Script Writing

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Speech writing Coursed and speech Training over the Phone or on Skype

We are Passionate about Speech & Communication. We don’t just teach through ground-breaking and highly interactive techniques; we ensure your learning experience an everlasting shift in your powerful presentation skills. There are many reasons why you wish to work on your presentation skills – to improve its quality, scope, wisdom, content excellence, or address a lack of presence or insufficient projection of your voice. At DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS), we’re big fan of creative ways to address your communication: writing or spoken challenges that’s appealing, significant, & pleasurable. But, the most important thing to make your speech simply amazing, and brighten your very presence.

Workshops, Seminars, Follow-up Coaching

We pride ourselves on facilitating highly interactive Speech writing one day workshop our esteemed clients. We structure one full day workshop that has learning objectives, practical training activities, and recognizable outcomes.

For more information

Please contact us at 9820171766 or by emailing info@deneeraj.com.

The fee for this 1/2 day advanced speechwriting course is INR 7500 + GST.

By DEneeraj Multilingual services®

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