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Mr. Acharya Neeraj

Mr. Acharya Neeraj

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Neeraj, also known as Archarya Neeraj.

Neeraj is a  Polyglot,  Motivational Speaker, Voice/Speech, Diction Coach,  Storyteller, occasional Voice over artist, & Physical Theater Techniques Practitioner. He studies and applies linguistic and artistic traditions that reflect the dynamism in learning in human growth. As a polyglot he has basic functional language skill in French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hindi an its various regional Dialects etc.  An award-winning facilitator, Neeraj uses the timeless techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance.  He started learning different languages at a very young age, and has constantly applied these different accents professionally and personally.  Over the years he has become a deeply intuitive accent and diction coach and teacher and worked with biggest names in the film and TVCs.

Neeraj has been studying teaching, and interpreting French and Spanish since 1998.  And has acted as interpreter worldwide.    During more than 20 years of learning, relearning, unlearning, sharing and teaching through Languages, Accent and diction coach to celebrities and corporate, he has mastered many Accent, Voicing, Self growth and self improvement techniques.  He helps people understand subtle and essential aspects of the communication, voice, and speech and pronunciations connection. Neeraj is the author of the French and Spanish self-published books. He has been featured in various publications such as BBC-Hindi, Zee TV, Elle, The Hindustan Times, DNA, Times of India, Indian Express, and News Nation etc for different holistic techniques.   Neeraj works with DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd and DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS).