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Learn Chinese language, and rejuvenate your body and mind with yoga practices, meditation and other relaxation techniques before or after your Chinese lessons. An unique combination of mind and body because learning and acquiring second language ‘slows brain ageing and total body wellness can be regained by various creative arts techniques ( we call it Conscious work ) , Alexander technique, DMT, Butoh exercises , concepts like sankhya with its systems, explanation of Geeta Darshan, Nada Yoga, Asanas & Pranayama, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara or Restorative Yoga sessions and meditative techniques. There are many cognitive and physical benefits of language learning and yoga practices.

Intensive Chinese and yoga Courses in Mumbai, India

Super-Intensive Chinese/ yoga Course in Mumbai, India

Business Chinese/ yoga Course in Mumbai, India

Private Chinese Lessons in Mumbai, India

Full Immersion in Chinese in Mumbai, India

Our method – Student-centered learning

While there is no way to determine guarantee learning methods or results for every student in every context, there is extensive, well-documented evidence about the kinds of teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning. Create a supportive learning environment. At Deneeraj Multi-lingual services™ we are committed to an approach of Student-centered learning or child-centered learning, it’s an open mind approach to put learner’ interests first and everything else is secondary…

Chinese Language Courses in Mumbai, India

Exam Preparation Chinese Courses (School /College/Institutes) in Mumbai, India

General Chinese Course in Mumbai, India

Basic Traveler’s Chinese Crash Course for your Europe in Mumbai, India

Chinese Language courses for Travel Agencies and Hotel Staff in Mumbai, India

Chinese Writing-Intensive Course in Mumbai, India

Personalized courses

To create conducive atmosphere for actual learner Deneeraj Multi-lingual services™ offers only Personalized learning courses online and offline A customized courses / classes of French, Spanish, Chinese, US/UK accent, Russian, Arabic , Hindi , English or German lesson gives you the opportunity to chose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. You can choose to have lessons in your own home or in our base in Mumbai, India. Our program starts with an initial telephonic interview with potential learner and NLP Test to determine pedagogy, starting point and preferences. When as a learner you can decide about pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in order to meet your different learning needs and aspirations.

Chinese Corporate courses in Mumbai, India

Deneeraj Multi-lingual services™ offers courses in Chinese Language for organizations and employees who are in constant contact with foreigners due to their nature of business. We offer online and offline courses as per the corporate requirement.

Chinese Writing expression in Mumbai, India

Medical Chinese Classes for health professionals and doctors who need to communicate with patients/colleagues in Mumbai, India.

Legal Chinese Course: for lawyers or law students who need Chinese legal terms or have francophone countries clients in Mumbai, India.

Theater and Chinese learning

A unique method of facilitating language learning through various drama & movements techniques By using dramas / plays, games as a creative method for foreign Language learning and acquisition . We use various dramatic methods/techniques such as Grotowski’s poor theatre, theatre of absurd, Boal methods, Alexander Technique and simple role playing situations supports Chinese language learning.

Mini-Groups: Chinese for couples/friends who want to limit their class size or need a very specific schedule in Mumbai, India.

Chinese courses for entire Family in Mumbai, India

Chinese for Kids: give your child a head start in life in Mumbai, India.

Chinese for Teens: special courses for teenagers in Mumbai, India.

Chinese Grammar & oral practice in Mumbai, India

Chinese E-learning courses and pedagogy

Deneeraj Multi-lingual services™ also offers online courses by different e-learning methods using Skype. Information and communication technology (ICT) has a major impact on the world in which we now live. It can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning.

Our 20 to 30-hour courses are great for people with hectic lifestyle (no commuting time) and students who are far away, you can also find and seek to live correctly and distress yourself by learning so many yogic techniques with your Chinese courses.

Private Chinese E-learning Lessons and Free Yoga Tips by Skype in Mumbai, India

Advantages of our Online Chinese lessons

One-on-one Online Chinese lessons by SKYPE, almost like private lessons at the learning centers
You need only Internet access & headphone (and webcam if possible)
Flexible Chinese lessons at any time and any place you choose
No wasted time commuting to the learning centers
Efficient use of your spare time to achieve your professional and personal leaning objectives

After Course Completion you can…

  • Be able to introduce yourself, greet people, excuse yourself and carry on with simple conversations.
  • Have a handful of basic & useful words, phrases & common expressions for everyday situations.
  • Learn how to make simple requests & questions to get information from locals, e.g. ask for directions.
  • Get what you want and need in restaurants, shops, bars, banks, local markets, hotels.
  • Learn basic Chinese vocabulary for health related, emergency, border, customs and police situations.
  • Be your own guide. Make your own travel plans: get the buses & taxis go where you want to go.
  • Handle currency, time & dates: numbers & amounts.
  • Learn idioms & get tips on the Chinese culture and customs.
  • Shopping at a bakery [面包]
  • Daily conversations: at breakfast
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • Buying medicine at drugstore
  • Buying a ticket and take a bus/metro
  • Asking for directions on the street
  • Making an appointment with dentist by phone
  • Make an appointment for the week-end with a friend